Internal Support

Cuboree 2020 is the largest Major Event of the Scouting Year 2020 for New South Wales with around 5,000 participants. It delivers on many of our fundamental program benefits.

Therefore it is expected that Cuboree will touch every corner of our Association and team and vice versa, every team in Scouts NSW has a connection to Cuboree. We therefore ask everyone involved with Scouts NSW ("Internal Support") to consider how their role and them personally can contribute by:

P - Promote the event: Take every opportunity to mention it to everyone
A - Attend the event: Come along, there is a role for everyone and flexibility for all
R - Resource the event: If you have a local resource, let us know - be it equipment, access to people or funding
C - Communicate about the event: Talk to others and share your opinion on how it should be shaped
S - Support others in their work: If you have team members that have taken on a Cuboree role, ask them about it and support their needs

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