Our Governance

The custodians of the 7th NSW Cuboree 2020 are the State Cub Council. This Council is formed by the Chief Commissioner for Scouts NSW from the Regional Commissioner's - Cub Scouts, the State Commissioner - Cub Scouts and a number of representatives of Cub Scouting in New South Wales to guide the delivery of the youth program for the Section.

The Council is supported by the Deputy Chief Commissioner - Youth Program.

For Cuboree, the Council discuss important aspects of the governance of the event to ensure it delivers on the promise of the Cub Scout youth program, and give guidance to the Steering Committee and Organisational Team of the event.

The 7th NSW Cuboree Steering Committee is a team of volunteers from different areas of Scouts NSW that hold responsibility for delivering the event. They act as a project steering committee to the Chief Director and their team, providing oversight, guidance and up-line reporting. They include

  • The State Commissioner - Cub Scouts - who is the Project Executive and represents the interests of the State Cub Council and the Chief Commissioner
  • A Region Commissioner - who is considered the Senior User and represents the interests of all Regions
  • A State Office employee - who is considered the Senior Supplier and represents the interests of the CEO and Leadership Team
  • A State Finance Committee representative - who represents the interests of the State Finance Committee
  • 2 Leader representatives - who represent the interests of all Leaders and Youth and provide youth led input and ensure we consider a parental, youth and regional view.
  • The Chief Director - who is the Project Manager and represents the organising team
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