Our Needs

Cuboree 2020 is completely run by volunteers with some minimal support from our State Office paid staff who assist in addition to their normal work duties.

We are always grateful for any help offered, but in particular, we look for assistance:

Internally - within Scouts NSW
e.g. Region and District Teams, Group Support Committees, Group Leaders, Activity and Training Teams
Promoting the event far and wide
Attending the event
Providing resources - such as equipment on loan
Communicating - in your local newsletters
Supporting our team that are your team - making sure people from your local teams are supported if they are attending and running items

Externally - from Government, Corporate or Not-for-profit organisations
Sponsorship - Financial, goods or in kind
Financial assistance to participants

Q&A Session with Commissioners - April 2019
Welcome and introduction
Overview from the Chief Director:
- Focus of the event
- Attractive, affordable, accessible
- Program program program
- Safety - especially child safety
- Individualised, inclusive, reflective
- Steering Committee and how to influence the event
- Structure of the event
- Ecosystems x 7, starting earlier
- Around the World Activities
- Entertainment, Ceremonies, Functions
- The ask of the Commissioners
- Promote, attend, resource, communicate, support
- Questions

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