Our Team

The Cuboree Organising Team is split into five Directorates, each supported by a Cuboree Director. The Directors are all supported by the Chief Director.

Chief Director - David Spear

Program Directorate
- Manage the main Ecosystem Activity Bases
- Ceremonies and Functions
- Explore the World Activities
- Entertainment
Program Director - Tracey Stopps

Support, Admin and Finance (SAF) Directorate
- Support Services - Fire, Emergency Planning, Health, Welfare, Safety
- Admin Services - including registrations and IT
- Finance Services
- Marketing and Communications - including website and promotions
SAF Director - Leigh Williamson

Infrastructure Directorate
- Sub Camps
- JSL and SL Experience
- Sites and Services
Infrastructure Director - Matt Bordley

Logistics Directorate
- Food Services - including Special Diets
- Transport - including Independent Travel
- Retail - including merchandise and giveaways
- Security
Logistics Director - Colin Turner

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