Unit Coordinators Day

The following information was kindly recorded by Henriette, one of the attendees at the Unit Coordinators Day in July 2019. It is a summary of the items presented on the day.

Cuboree 2020 1st Oakville – 1st Glossodia – 1st Rouse Hill – 1st Riverstone

Notes “Unit Coordinators Day”, Bundilla, 27/07/2019
From: Henriette de Koning
NSW Cuboree 2020 – Focus / General
• • Three A’s: “Accessible, Affordable and Attractive”.
• • Based on feedback Cuboree 2017, strong focus on improved program aiming to make activities bigger and better (even bigger and better than at a Jamboree…).
• • Further, strong focus on “all inclusive” and “individualised” approached. Not “one size fits all”, facilitate all abilities. All activities are based on Youth Program (not on old program); each person attending will have an individual journey, facing their own challenges and reaching their own milestones.
• • Aim to have total of 5,000 participants. Currently ~4,500 registrations. Will push hard in coming period to get more YSL’s and SL’s (parent helpers →potential to become leaders).
• • And enormous amount of information is available on-line https://cuboree.nsw.scouts.com.au/: Participant Wiki, Supporter Wiki, Team Wiki (see below). Constantly information will be added

• • In 3-4 weeks, a link to app “MyCuboree” will be sent to every participant. If will have MyMedical (to be completed by ever-one), MyAccounts (payment overview), MyPhoto (to update photo), MyPocketmoney, MyShopping (to order merchandise), MyRegistration, etc.
• Cuboree 2020 Handbook will be made available on-line; date tbc. • Chief Director: David Spear
• Governance Director / Project Executive: Wendy Warner
• Program Director: Tracey Stopps

NSW Cuboree 2020 - Directors
Ceremonies: opening and closing ceremony
Bases are called “Ecosystems”: Air (Space), Desert, Forest (= Challenge Valley), Mountain, Ocean, Polar
Explore the World Activities: optional activities running outside of Ecosystems time
• Support, Admin and Finance Director, including marketing: Leigh Williamson • Logistics Director: Colin Turner
• Infrastructure Director: Matthew Bordley
• Region Liaison Leader (RLL) for GWS: Melissa Harding (ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|gnidrah.assilem#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|gnidrah.assilem)
• General e-mail address for questions: ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni

ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|ofni (for all question related to registrations)
Gabie Thompson is part of this team
Food: Tom Miles (ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|selim.mot#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|selim.mot)
Dietary Requirements: Sam Vandenberg (ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|grebnednav.mas#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|grebnednav.mas)
Transport: Michael Fridolfsson (ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|nossflodirf.leahcim#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|nossflodirf.leahcim)
Sides & Services (including roaming WHS team)
Cubs Subcamps Emerald and Ruby; Subcamp chief Dave Stopps and Andy
YSL Subcamp: Diamond (site 8)
SL Subcamp: Sapphire (site 8) Cuboree 2020 1st Oakville – 1st Glossodia – 1st Rouse Hill – 1st Riverstone

• Cub Units will be finalised in October once registration is closed. Till that time, Cubs are encouraged to register; even if units are (close to) full, Cubs should still register. If need be, units will be reshuffled again. No Cub should miss out.
• Families in financial hardship should apply through Family Support Fund to have Cuboree fee paid for. Applications on-line, to be endorsed by Group Leader https://www.nsw.scouts.com.au/familysupportfund/
• Unit numbers and on what Subcamps which units are, will be announced in approx. 4 weeks, but no later than early October. Our current “GWS06” number is provisional.
• A unit can have a maximum of 6 unit line-leaders and 3 unit-adult helpers (cooks).
• Carers for Cub(s) will special needs, are “add-ons”, on top of the 9 adults.
• Every unit will be allocated an iPad which will be the main communication tool during Cuboree 2020. iPads will be charged overnight at Subcamp HQ.
• First Aid. Every adult working in the unit is encouraged to have a valid First Aid certificate, but is not compulsory. First Aid to be dealt with in unit, then escalated to Subcamp HQ and then to Cuboree HQ. Same for welfare & mental issues. There will be strict hygiene rules (but not different compared to previous Cuboree’s)
• Medical, Welfare & Mental details still to be registered (see comments on MyCuboree app)
• Worksite – no-one under 16 allowed on site
• Child safe – YSL’s allowed on site (on invitation only), no Cubs allowed on site
• Cub safe and site in “lock-down”
• Units from far away will arrive Sat 4/01 from 6pm onwards. Others (including GWS) will arrive on Sun 5/01 from 7am onwards. All units will have arrived by midday on Sunday (and first activity base will start on Sunday afternoon).
• Set-up camp site can be done from Thu 2/01 5pm onwards till Sat 4/01 6pm. Every-one not registered for Cuboree need to have left on Sat 4/01 before 6pm as site will be in lock-down from that moment onwards.
• Pack-up campsite can start on Thu 9/01 once all Cubs have left (expected from 1pm onwards) and needs to be completed before Sat 11/01. So, if we wish, we can go home on Thursday with the Cubs, have a good night sleep and come back on Friday to pack-up.

NSW Cuboree 2020 - Cub Units
Unit line-leaders need to be appointed & warranted leaders (cannot be leaders in training). Unit adults-helpers need to have A2 from completed, need to be adult support members of Scouts Australia and need to have completed BCORE WHS and BCORE Childsafe. (Of course they can be appointed leaders as well).
NSW Cuboree 2020 – Bump In & Bump Out
Before Wed 1/01 and from Sat 11/01 onwards
From Wed 1/01 till Sat 4/01, 6pm and from Thu 9/01, 1pm till Fri 10/01 midnight
YSL Subcamp opens Wed 1/01 (but YSL can camp with parents if they happen to be on-site as well)
From Sat 4/01, 6pm till Thu 9/01, 1pm
NSW Cuboree 2020 – Pre-Cuboree Camp (Shakedown) – Oct 25 – 27, Bundilla
• • Compulsory for every Adult and Cub in a unit.
• • If Cub / Adult can not go to designated Pre-Cuboree camp with own unit, they will have to go with another unit.
• • Based on Pre-Cuboree camp experience, unit leaders should have a review meeting to iron out all details. They can then also decide if a Cub / Adult Helper, YSL, SL, Leader is not suitable to go to Cuboree. (In such case, paid fees will be fully refunded)
• • SL’s and particularly YSL’s are encouraged to come to Pre-Cuboree camp
Cuboree 2020 1st Oakville – 1st Glossodia – 1st Rouse Hill – 1st Riverstone

• • Camp starts on Friday, will finish Sunday; 2 nights. Exact set-up start time to be confirmed, but Cubs can be present during set-up to help.
• • Program / Bases / Activities will be organised by RLL / Region Cub Leader, with help of Cuboree Activity teams. Theme will be similar as Cuboree. Unit Leaders are likely asked to help run activities in the weekend, but will not need to organise / prepare.
• • Unit to focus on camping & gear & cooking. For Pre-Cuboree camp, unit need to organise own catering, including for their “own” SL’s and YSL’s that will be present that weekend. Advised to prepare meals from Cuboree menu. Adults are likely asked to help clean bathrooms.
• • Free time in weekend can be used to work on Cuboree gateway, up to unit to decide.
• • Registration for Pre-Cuboree camp will be via GWS Event System. Whole unit to be registered as one / by one person. SL’s / YSL’s need to register themselves. Is not yet know when this will be live
• • Cost / Camp fee not known yet
• • Campsites will not have power (not at Shakedown and not at Cuboree), also not for medical equipment like C-pap. It is requested that C-pap will operate from battery-pack. Charging possibilities for battery pack during the day will be available.

NSW Cuboree 2020 – Marketing / Merchandise / Pocket money
• • Send photos of PreCuboree activities to ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|gnitekram#ua.moc.stuocs.wsn.eerobuc|gnitekram Action shots needed!
• • During Cuboree, a daily A3 double sided newsletter will be distributed. Every unit to receive ~15 copies. Will have lot of puzzles/ trivia; can be used for down times for Cubs. Send in puzzle ideas and trivia questions to marketing e-mail address
• • Cuboree shirt is lime green, bucket hat is dark blue. Plus every-one will receive badge, lanyard with IDcard and surprise present at the end

• • Badges, 13 in total ($36):

• • Further merchandise: Dark blue polo ($35); Hoodie ($55); Fleece ($45); Soft shell jacket ($70); Beanie with build-in torch ($20); Stress ball ($3); Tablet cover ($12); Water bottle, 2 types ($5 & $9); Light-up Yoyo ($5); Maze pen; Hat pin; wine glasses…
• • All merchandise can be pre-ordered via MyCuboree app and will be handed out during Cuboree
• • Cubs can buy more merchandise with their allocated pocket money (that parents have paid in advance for them); will be on their IDcard (barcode). Cubs can only buy merchandise during Cuboree. They are not allowed to buy food or drinks. IDcards can be topped-up with pocket money during Cuboree (via contact with parents, but parents not to be contacted by Cub…). Merchandise can also be bought with cash or “normal” debit / credit card during Cuboree. Left over pocket-monies on the IDcards will be refunded after Cuboree; an e-mail will be sent to ask if funds need to be 1. Refunded to family, 2. Donated to a charity (there will be few pre-set options available), 3. Donated to the home group.
Cuboree 2020 1st Oakville – 1st Glossodia – 1st Rouse Hill – 1st Riverstone

• • Non pre-ordered merchandise can be bought during Cuboree, one shopping outlet, in middle of site 4, next to Cuboree HQ

NSW Cuboree 2020 – Activity Bases →“Ecosystems”
• • Every base will be an ecosystem and will consist of multiple activities.
• • From Cuboree 2017 feedback; the “Greek base” is set as the minimum benchmark. Activities need to meet that level, or be better. Also, based 2017 feedback, every Cub will be able to do Challenge Valley (Forest). Challenge Valley is currently upgraded / serviced and will have better showers at the end…
• • The waterslide is part of “Ocean”.
• • Except for “Mountain”, all ecosystems involve water and / or mud…. Ensure all bring enough boardshorts / rash shirts to Cuboree as well as always have a set of dry cloths in daypack.
• • Every base will be entered as a whole unit with min. 2 leaders. After registering, and putting their packs down, Cubs can choose what activities they want to do and go around as patrols (of max. 6). Leaders can float around where needed; it is not needed to have a Leader constantly with a Patrol. Also, Patrols can be flexible e.g. 3 kids from patrol A do an activity with 3 kids from patrol B.
• • Every ecosystem will have a quite zone, for kids and / or leaders to chill-out.
• • Some ecosystems will be far away from campsite; better to bring lunch to Unit instead of having lunch at campsite (particularly as lunch break is 1½ hours instead of previous 2 hours).
• • “Around the World” activities are optional and are offered at “non ecosystem” times, likely from 4:30 till 6pm. Can be booked optional “on the day” and is youth led. No unit leaders needed. (Board)games, cricket, on-stage, etc. Can also be cross units (e.g. several kids from 2 neighbouring units playing a game of soccer). Part of “Around the World” is a Trading Post for badge swapping.

NSW Cuboree 2020 – Logistics (Food / Transport)
• • Tom Miles in charge of food, Sam Vandenberg in charge of dietary requirements
• • See below draft Cuboree 2020 menu (changed from Cuboree 2017 menu based on feedback)
Cuboree 2020 1st Oakville – 1st Glossodia – 1st Rouse Hill – 1st Riverstone

• • Dry groceries (including bins, bin-liners, cleaning materials etc) will be ready to go on Friday 3/01. Can be picked up from Food Distribution Centre (FDC) during camp set-up
• • Food cannot be returned to FDC, even not closed packaging. Only take new groceries (e.g. cereals) if you need more. All unopened / not used food at FDC level will be donated to Food Bank / OzHarvest
• • Ice-cream for dessert will be handed out ¼ hours before approx. dessert time
• • No Nuts on site at all. Cubs NOT to bring ANY food.
• • Ice for esky’s will be handed out daily or more often if needed.
• • Three gas bottles per unit will be provided; if empty, more are available. DO NOT bring own gas bottles. As part of local emergency regulation, all gas bottles need to be registered. No unit can bring own gas bottles. Splitters are allowed (providing of good quality).
• • Dietary requirements are part of registration and will be known by Sam as well as by the unit. There will be 2 Q-stores that provide food / ingredients based on substitution on what Cubs / Leaders cannot eat. Menu is kept as much as the same for every-one and dietary requirements are serviced based on substitution of meal element.
• • Make sure parents update dietary requirements via registration/ app. If requirements change in December, send separate e-mail to Sam.
• • In case of vegetarians / vegans, you can use same BBQ as long as you e.g. wrap veggie burger in foil.

• • All Cubs and Line-Leaders need to come on the bus. Other adults and YSL can travel on the bus or independently. Closer to date (likely in October), an e-mail will be sent to every participant to re-confirm method of travel
• • 48-63 per bus; bus captains expected to be nominated in October

NSW Cuboree 2020 – Site & Services / Subcamp
• • Camp sizes and shapes are not known yet. General rule; approx. twice the size of Jamboree campsite.
• • Once sizes and shape are known, make / draw a plan with entry / exit point and when arriving at site for set-up, mark out space with spray paint.
• • If you wish to create fence around camp site, using star-pickets, avoid waterpipes… All star-pickets to have yellow cap.
• • At every tap point, always one tap need to be free for general / emergency use. Take 2*30 (drinking water quality) hoses and make use of tap dividers. Cleaning of wastewater sieves is responsibility of units surrounding.
• • Only 1 trailer on site allowed per unit, including cooking trailer.
• • Subcamp staff will help manning showers at end of afternoon to manage ques. Cubs coming back from Challenge Valley, will be pushed in front of line.

NSW Cuboree 2020 – (Young) Service Leaders
• • Scouts and Venturers sharing same Subcamp. Scout and Venturers can share tents (gender separated)
• • Based on feedback, YSL’s will be looked after better to ensure they have a great experience; there will be frat tent, evening activities, some activities open for YSL at night etc
• • (Y)SL only need to bring personal gear and a (shared) tent
• • Catering for (Y)SL’s is out sourced; will be managed by an external catering company

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